We don´t create
a sensation, we bring
one back to life.

the look is timeless and rock ’n’ roll will never die

The first steps towards Everyday Hero were taken in a leather atelier in Sweden thirty years ago, to the soundtrack of rock heroes like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. I grew up with a dad who did not only supply the local community but the whole country with custom made jackets and coats. Everyday people and hyped artists were all jostling in the little atelier where, at the most, eleven seamstresses were working to meet the high demand for custom made leather wear...

Everyday Hero Society
”Wow! Just outstanding
boots, the fit is amazing"
— Marcus King
”Boots that have beauty and an edge to them.
Thank you Everyday Hero"
— Marius Wilson
”These boots are sick! Fit is 100% and like all these boots, super comfortable. RNR for life"
— Ashley Baker
"When I put on my Hero boots I know it´s time to stomp, run and rock n roll. These boots are made for that"
— Tyler Bryant
"Everyday Hero are a staple of any outfit for me now. Super comfy, beautifully simple yet striking look, they bring that extra edge that other shoes can´t. Fell in love with my first pair and comin ye falling in love with every other pair. The best of the best"
— William Murray
Always has concerned me to step out of the box of “bigger” designers, but this boot exceeded every expectation. Well made, comfortable, and exactly what I was missing from my collection. Will def
be getting more Hero boots"
— Nathan Barlowe

Daddy long legs

New York City’s most enduring Rhythm & Blues street gang aren’t back, they never left. In dark times they continue to shine their light everywhere they go leaving a piece of themselves on stage every night because it’s in them and it’s got to come out.

Waylon Boot

On stage with Daddy Long Legs. Waylon boot is a new take on our classic Zimmerman, this time with a 65mm cuban heel. We don´t create a sensation, we bring one back to life. This is the Waylon Boot