Shoe care

Treat your boots with respect, they need love and care just like you and me. There are a variety of general and more specialist shoe care products that can be purchased at your local shoe maker/repair shop.

It is normal that leathers become dry and lose some natural finish after wearing. For that we recommend you to regularly apply a thin layer of nourishing cream or leather grease, apply gently with a sponge or a cloth.

For Suede we recommend you to apply a protective waterproofing non-color spray. This need to be done from time to time to maintain the protecting layer, the spray only last a certain amount of time. We also recommend to brush your suede gently with suede rubber, make sure smoothing down all the fibers in the same direction.

All of our boots are built on leather soles. Therefore we always recommend you to apply a rubber sole to protect your soles and make them non-skid. Leather soles can easily be damaged when worn in wet conditions. If your shoes get wet, allow them dry naturally. Do not dry boots in front of a heater. Rubber soles can be applied at your local shoe maker/repair shop.

If you need more information about how to look after your boots please send us a message here.