Hákon Aðalsteinsson is an Icelandic musician, starting out his international career in Singapore Sling, he has been living in Berlin for over a decade, where he has established himself as songwriter and lyricist with his own band The Third Sound. 

Since 2018 he has played guitar in The Brian Jonestown Massacre and written and performed with other projects including the country tinged Gunman and The Holy Ghost, an electronic experimental duo Diagram with drummer Fred Sunesen and the soon to come Golden Hours, a collaboration with former members of Gang of Four, Tricky and Fuzztones. 
Their debut album is released in April 2023 on Fuzz Club Records and in between touring with BJM this year, The Third Sound will tour central Europe again in March before returning to the studio to record their sixth album this summer.


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Photographed between Reykjavik and Berlin
by filmmaker & photographer Lilly Creightmore