“The songs address the idea of lost memories, being in places of paradise, but still experiencing sadness. Whether it be a holiday resort, casino or somewhere built for the purpose of pleasure; the songs take comfort in the emptiness of those spaces.” T Walmsley about Viva Lost Wages. 

“When love interest leaves you, and your only stable connection becomes where you see each other in your dreams. In reality you're left to ruminate on what exactly happened, retracing your steps on a night out. I wanted it to feel like an old romantic 50s standard, but address how dire modern virtual relationships are.” T Walmsley about 99C Dreams.

Singer & multi-instrumentalist T Walmsley (Temples) have released his debut EP entitled “Viva Lost Wages” which is out now along with the music video for lead single “99c Dreams”. The 4 track EP was self-recorded by Walmsley after relocating to the South Coast of England from New York City. Inspired by 50s love ballads “99c Dreams” takes confessional songwriting and blends it with Dream Pop guitars and moody synth orchestrations. 
 The EP plays on country influences, 80s drum grooves and his love for great melancholy voices in Richard Hawley, Lee Hazlewood and Kevin Ayers. “Viva Lost Wages” was written, recorded & produced by Walmsley with Scott Hollingsworth assisting with post-production & mixing.